Saturday, September 26, 2009

Speed Modeling: Range Rover Classic


The castled bonnet was a bit tricky to make, and the mesh isn't all that symmetrical. But the vehicle's basic shape was made rather quickly, being intended to be a low poly model. Unfortunately the lighting flattened the shape of the grille bars, which is in fact a modeled mesh rather than a normal map.

Shaping the rear tailgate presented it's own unique problems, but the flaws were easily covered once the taillamps were placed in. Note the Blender monkey placed as a badge in lieu of the traditional Land Rover logo.

All in all, not too bad for a two hour sit down. This was more an exercise in getting in line on working with vertices and faces, as a means of cutting back on polygons for smoother gaming. Though the roof may be a little too high, the exaggeration of it's shape with the lack of fine details, gives it an almost cartoony look while still making it recognizable as a Range Rover.

EDIT: Now that I look at it again, it looks like something you'd find in Katamari Damacy. Which I have to admit, plays off it's low graphic quality as good stylization.

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