Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3D'd Texture Test!

Sometimes textures look great, looking flat and perpendicular to your face. However, in the 3D realm of games and animation, it could look way different when tiled, lit lowly, and viewed from a different angle other than head-on in Photoshop's window. So far, I'm very pleased with what I have done. I've grown much in putting more and more dimension into my handpainted textures, adding more darks and lights to make it feel like there really is depth to it, starting from the brick walls back in May, to the summertime stone floor tile, to the wood that I've started and finished yesterday. And I hope to grow so much more with this. My next challenge: metal! Hope it turns out well when I get to it!

Monday, August 30, 2010

OMG Morning Wood!

For the longest time I've had nothing but complete and total trouble (though not as much as typing on this stupid Apple keyboard with the flat keys in the animation studio here at Rio Hondo College) with creating a decent wood texture, be it a photo-collage, or hand made. But within the first two hours of class I managed to start and bring something that looks this good from where I was to near completion. I think I'm finally breaking through the blocks that have been holding me back. Things are going nowhere but upward from this point onward.