Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Glittering Prize


You step inside the ancient temple. Looking around, the dimly lit foyer is festooned with fearsome masks of deities long forgotten by time. A silver shaft of moonlight pours in from the next room ahead of you, and as you step in, you find what you quested across the world for. A giant wood effigy sits cross-legged, his hands held out, with the box in his palms, offering it to you. You casually thank him, as you pick it up, and are eager to access it's contents; an amulet of great power. But your celebration is cut short, as the idol rises to his wooden feet, now wielding swords, and the statues in the corners step from the shadows. The doors out of the central room slam shut, as you realize that maybe there was a lesson to be learned from that Leroy Jenkins video on YouTube; stick with your guild, numnuts.

It's a bit ambitious to think I'll get this far this semester, but I've gotten into it, and starting to get deeper in developing this into something more than just some old stone building sitting in the middle of a jungle paradise.

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