Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Space-y Stuffs.

So I've been pretty busy with this semester long assignment for my gaming environment design class. I've finally got something into the game engine (we're using Unity) and the little bit that I have somewhat polished was shown to an advisory board meeting of some professionals from Blizzard (art lead for Diablo III), Farsight(environment artist), and Sony Santa Monica(Environment art lead for God of War III), which I was really excited about. I was paired with a character designer who had made an excellent robot character, (seeing as my spaceship was the closest match) so many changes were made to my environment. Originally, I wanted to make everything in Russian, to give a sense of unfamiliarity, and to stir up some old Cold War/Space Race vibes, as well as everything being designed with a retro-futuristic/atompunk flair. So we have this vintage/modern clash going on here, which I think is pretty cool, and will make it much more interesting.

This is the current state of the generator room, sans walls to get a proper rendering. One of the biggest motifs I wanted to flaunt was the use of the Tesla coil. These things scream "mad science" and is a staple in a retro sci-fi theme. Case-in-point: Fallout 3 and Wolfenstein!

Granted, the coil wasn't too big of an implement in my original ray gun model:

The model has been abandoned anyway, as it was originally going to be used as an FPS implement.

Another big thing were the computers.

The computers are made in the old-fashioned UNIVAC style room fillers. Granted, this is a rather old rendering. The rest of the components are fully textured, as well as a mainframe model, which compliments this very nicely.

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